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How You Fit Into Their Lives

As much as you want your customers to talk about your products’ and services’ features and benefits, they probably want to talk about themselves, and how your offerings fit into their lives.

Phillips, Cordell, Church, & Moore, The Passion Conversation

One often untapped method of marketing that your gym can take advantage of is to give your members the means to brag about themselves publicly.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing so:

  1. Hire a good photographer to come in once a month & snap pictures during a handful of classes. Have her come to the morning classes one month, then the evening classes in the next.

  2. Ask her to send you the edited photos without any watermarks or logos.

  3. Pick one or two shots of each athlete that you have photos of, being sure to keep an eye out for images that make the athlete look strong, badass, & like they’re having fun. Upload those selects to an online design app like Canva.

  4. Crop each photo to be a square aspect ratio, & add your gym’s logo at the bottom.

  5. Text the photo or photos to the individual member, along with a note of thanks & encouragement. (Text is more useful than email since texting will put the images on their phone, where they can more easily share it on social).

Not all your members will post the images to Instagram or Facebook, but many will. They’re proud of the work they do within the walls of your gym. They’re proud of effort & the accomplishments. They’re proud of being the type of person who chooses to do difficult things.

They probably want to talk about that more often, & you as the conduit to those feelings of pride, but simply lack the visual means by which they can do so.

Word of mouth marketing will happen on its own, but that doesn't mean you can't help inspire it.

ContentPatrick Cummings
What Members Want

Passionate commitment is often in proportion to the strength of the vision and ideas contained within the organization’s theology. Members will want to commit to something, and the less distinct and the more content-free its belief system, the weaker the buy-in is likely to be.

Douglas Atkin, The Culting of Brands

Don’t set aside valuable time to create content just because it’s what everybody else is doing.

Don’t create content just because that’s the only way you can think to “do marketing” or because it’s how you get people into the “funnel.”

Instead, create content because it’s an opportunity to teach, which is how you’ll earn more trust.

Create content because it’s an opportunity to learn - how to communicate better, how to think more clearly, how to identify the challenges & confusions inside your tribe.

Create content because therein lies the space you need to talk about more than thrusters & pull-ups, subjects like nutrition, mindset, sleep, & relationships.

The hour they’re in your gym, you need to focus on getting them to move better, work harder, & have fun. Create content because there are twenty-three more hours during which you can add value, establish your gym as a place of learning, & speak to the full gamut of how we can pursue health.

ContentPatrick Cummings
Declare Your Manifesto

A big part of building a community begins with declaring your manifesto.

Phillips, Cordell, Church, & Moore, The Passion Conversation

What are you for & what are you against?

These are the basic building blocks of a manifesto.

Good ones draw a line in the sand. They say: This is what we stand for; this is the status quo we exist to destroy; this is what we will no longer accept.

O.G. CrossFit embraced the creation of manifestos, none more so perhaps than the “Nasty Girls” video with Nicole Carrol, Eva T, & Annie Sakamoto. It may seem commonplace now, but consider everything that video said about what women are capable of, their place in the gym, what it meant to embrace intensity, what it meant to meet adversity & continue advancing.

A good manifesto says: This is the way the world should be. It says: Come with us if you believe what we believe. It says: Let us show you the way.

We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. A good manifesto is an invitation to join you in pursuit of the world you are building, the one that doesn’t exist yet.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. It just has to be true.