What Members Want

Passionate commitment is often in proportion to the strength of the vision and ideas contained within the organization’s theology. Members will want to commit to something, and the less distinct and the more content-free its belief system, the weaker the buy-in is likely to be.

Douglas Atkin, The Culting of Brands

Don’t set aside valuable time to create content just because it’s what everybody else is doing.

Don’t create content just because that’s the only way you can think to “do marketing” or because it’s how you get people into the “funnel.”

Instead, create content because it’s an opportunity to teach, which is how you’ll earn more trust.

Create content because it’s an opportunity to learn - how to communicate better, how to think more clearly, how to identify the challenges & confusions inside your tribe.

Create content because therein lies the space you need to talk about more than thrusters & pull-ups, subjects like nutrition, mindset, sleep, & relationships.

The hour they’re in your gym, you need to focus on getting them to move better, work harder, & have fun. Create content because there are twenty-three more hours during which you can add value, establish your gym as a place of learning, & speak to the full gamut of how we can pursue health.

Patrick Cummings