Coaching for humble & hungry affiliate owners who want healthier brands & stronger communities.



Creating a strong brand is a lot like pursuing fitness.

Both are challenging yet straightforward. Neither has any definitive endpoint.

To do them well, you need to focus on the mechanics, obsess over consistency, & embrace a kind of intensity that scares most people away.

It helps in both cases to have a coach.

Someone who isn’t clouded by the pains of yesterday or the uncertainty of tomorrow, who can ask the right question, & who can help you see what you haven’t yet seen.

That’s why Functional Branding exists.

To get you digging deeper. To get you looking at your brand with clearer eyes. To get you as excited as you were when you first started.

It’s not about tips & tricks, but strategy & intention. It’s not about short-term band-aids, but creating a vision so the brand you’re building outlives you.

It’s about giving you the tools, confidence, & skills to never stop building your impact machine.