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Committed to helping CrossFit® affiliates build stronger brands & stronger communities.



Building a strong brand is a lot like pursuing fitness.

Both are challenging yet straightforward. Neither has any definitive endpoint.

You need to focus on the mechanics, obsess over consistency, & be ready to embrace a kind of intensity that scares most people away.

It helps to have a coach.

Someone who isn’t clouded by the pains of yesterday or the uncertainty of tomorrow, who can ask the right question, & who can help you see what you haven’t yet seen.

That’s why Functional Branding exists:

To get you digging deeper. To get you looking at your brand with clear eyes. To get you as excited as you were when you first started.

We’re not about tips & tricks, but strategy & intention. We’re not about short-term band-aids, but creating a vision so that the brand you’re building will outlive you. We’re about focusing not on money but on impacting more people more deeply.

We’re about making your gym better by making a better gym.


A 12-week, collaborative learning experience focused on brand development, content creation, & website optimization.

A fully-online & self-paced course meant to get you thinking clearly about branding, the values at your core, your target market, & your website.

New posts every morning, from Monday to Thursday, designed to get you asking better questions & seeing your brand more clearly.

Your Brand Coach


My name is Patrick Cummings. I’ve been building brands & starting companies inside the CrossFit® space since 2006, when I helped launch Again Faster Equipment.

Through Functional Branding, I’ve had the privilege of working with hungry & humble affiliate owners to coach them toward stronger brands & more confidence. I’ve helped them see how starting at the core of their business helps clarify what comes at the extremities. I’ve helped them communicate more clearly & lead with intention.

I want to do the same for you.

My mission in life is to empower positive role models to impact more people, more deeply & I’ve come to see affiliate owners as among the most powerful change-makers in the world.

The influence you have & the potential you have to build a healthier world is unparalleled.

I started Functional Branding so I could help ensure you get to do it for the rest of your life.