Build Your Impact Machine


Committed to helping CrossFit® affiliates build stronger brands & stronger communities.



Building a strong brand is a lot like pursuing fitness.

Both are challenging yet straightforward. Neither has any definitive endpoint.

To do it well, you need to focus on the mechanics, obsess over consistency, & be ready to embrace a kind of intensity that scares most people away.

It helps to have a coach.

Someone who isn’t clouded by the pains of yesterday or the uncertainty of tomorrow, who can ask the right question, & who can help you see what you haven’t yet seen.

That’s why Functional Branding exists:

To get you digging deeper. To get you looking at your brand with clearer eyes. To get you as excited as you were when you first started.

We’re not about tips & tricks, but strategy & intention. We’re not about short-term band-aids, but creating a vision so the brand you’re building outlives you.

We’re about giving you the tools, confidence, & skills to continue building your impact machine.


A fully-online & self-paced course meant to get you thinking clearly about branding, the values at your core, your target market, & your website.

New posts every morning, from Monday to Thursday, designed to get you asking better questions & seeing your brand more clearly.

Your Brand Coach


My name is Patrick Cummings. I’ve been building brands & starting companies inside the CrossFit® space since 2006, when I helped launch Again Faster Equipment.

Through Functional Branding, I’ve had the privilege of working with hungry & humble affiliate owners to coach them toward stronger brands & more confidence. I’ve helped them see how starting at the core of their business helps clarify what comes at the extremities. I’ve helped them communicate more clearly & lead with intention.

I want to do the same for you.

My mission in life is to empower positive role models to impact more people, more deeply & I’ve come to see affiliate owners as among the most powerful change-makers in the world.

The influence you have & the potential you have to build a healthier world is unparalleled.

I started Functional Branding so I could help ensure you get to do it for the rest of your life.