Decision Maker or Adviser?

Another crucial question is, Do I produce results as a decision maker or as an adviser?

Peter Drucker, Managing Oneself

Some people are good at making decisions, at seeing three steps ahead, at sitting in the discomfort of not knowing what might happen next.

Other people are good at getting their hands dirty, at making sure people & ideas don’t fall through the cracks, at amplifying a message they didn’t themselves create.

One of the best ways to create frustration, regret, & burn-out is to take the former & give them the responsibilities of the latter, & vice versa.

Some people are only happy when charting their own course. Other people are only happy when they know the road they’re on is paved & goes on to the horizon.

We need both types if we want the number of CrossFit affiliates to grow & the ones we’ve got to get stronger. 

We need owners to recognize how much further they can get when they look for, develop, & trust a first mate. We need coaches & some of those flirting with opening gyms to recognize how powerful they can be when they look for opportunities to leverage their strengths, earn trust, & exhibit loyalty.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that great leaders go it alone, nor the trap of believing satisfaction comes only when your name is on the lease. Both are simply reflections of ego.

Start with an honest self-examination of the type of person you are, then aim yourself toward the role in which you have the greatest chance of producing the greatest impact.

Patrick Cummings