People will only talk about you if they are inspired by their own passion.

Phillips, Cordell, Church, & Moore, The Passion Conversation

Most of your members aren't going to talk about the technical proficiency of your coaches or how intelligent your programming seems.

They're far more likely to talk about your kind & motivating coaches, & about how much fun it is to do a workout today that's so different than yesterday.

There's a rule in filmmaking that says the audience should never see the editor. What it means is that if you've noticed the editing, the filmmakers screwed up. The job of the editor is to do her work in the dark & to remain there.

Doing that well requires an incredible amount of experience & practice.

The same rule should apply to your gym. You & your coaches need to spend as much time, energy, & resources amassing a solid foundation of skill as you can. Then you need to learn how to hide all of it.

Most of your members aren't there to learn about lumbar curves & scapular retraction & core-to-extremity violations. They're in your gym to learn that they are capable of doing difficult things & to accomplish what they didn't know was within reach.

That's what they'll to be talking about when out in the world, wearing your t-shirts & politely declining the breadbasket.

Pounding on the craft of coaching, then, means paying as much attention to delivering the emotional results as the physical ones.

Not only will their emotional wins create buy-in, consistency, & genuine progress, but they'll also inspire the kind of word-of-mouth marketing your gym needs to thrive.

Patrick Cummings