Eliminate & Replace

We need to eliminate multiple meaningless activities and replace them with one very meaningful activity.

Greg McKeown, Essentialism

In the gym, you know you get stronger through a precise balance of stress & recovery, work & rest.

Life outside the gym isn't much different.

It's so easy to stay plugged in, to always be checking something, to always be a buzz away from just a little more work, just one more email, just ten more minutes.

But here's the thing about continually treading water: We never relax enough to catch our breath, nor will we ever have the energy to swim. We'll be exhausted from having gone nowhere at all.

When you're swimming, swim hard.

When you've finished, get out of the water. Dry off. Catch your breath. Plot your next move.

Dive back in when you're ready.

Patrick Cummings