Seduce the Masses

Successful revolutionaries are the ones who have figured out how to seduce the masses by making their opposition appear not so revolutionary.

Douglas Atkin, The Culting of Brands

A suggested page for your website, titled: "Why We're a Different Kind of Gym."

Some potential language to include:

  • Big gyms are lonely, filled with complex machinery & too many mirrors. Our gym is loud but in a good way. It's filled with genuine humans who smile & learn your name & tag you in their Instagram posts.

  • Big gyms hope you show up twice, & never again. They'd go out of business if every single paying member showed up four times a week. We notice when you haven't come in & will call you to make sure you're okay. Our business survives only when you thrive.

  • Big gyms are designed to be used by people who want to wander from one station to the next, mostly just winging it. We've designed our gym for people who want an intelligent plan & somebody to help them work through it.

There are plenty of people all around you making sound, but suboptimal, decisions about how to get healthy. It's often not enough to tell them, "We're better." Sometimes you have to say, "We're better than them, & here's why."

Patrick Cummings