Serendipitious Lightness

If you are too intent on making the pieces of a nonexistent puzzle fit, you miss out on all the real fun. The heaviness of success-chasing can be replaced with a serendipitous lightness when you recognize that the only rules and limits are those we set for ourselves.

Tim Ferriss, 4-Hour Workweek

One of the reasons you signed up for this journey was because you were attracted to the notion of making your own rules; of charting your own path; of exploring your own potential.

So be careful not to let other people - people on their own journeys, charting their own paths - hand you unhelpful definitions for words like “success” & “failure,” or words like “should” & “can’t.” Often their definitions aren’t even theirs, merely borrowed from somebody else who stole them from yet somebody else.

The beauty of making your own rules is that you’re given an opportunity to write your own, personal dictionary right alongside them.

Look to others for inspiration & motivation; look to them for guidance & advice. But be careful not to look to them just because it’s easier than looking at yourself. Their journey, their rules, their dictionary. Your journey, your rules, your dictionary.

Patrick Cummings