Trust is Earned

You can buy attention, but you can’t buy trust. Trust is earned. Trust takes time. Trust is the enabler of connection and persuasion.

Bernadette Jiwa, The Right Story

As early as possible in the lifecycle of a new member, your goal should be to identify & pull on the levers of trust. There are plenty: Your website, your social accounts, the first email you send, the way you answer the phone (or the speed at which you call them back), the way you greet them on their first visit, how you coach them during their initial class, how they feel walking back to the car after that workout, & the communication they receive the next day.

You focus on these because a little bit of trust compounds. 

Important, because with enough trust comes compliance. They’ll listen a little more closely & come a bit more often.

Compliance leads to consistency & consistency leads to progress. They’ll lose five pounds, get a pull-up, feel more confident.

Two things happen once your new member sees progress: 

First, they trust you more & the cycle starts over - only this time with momentum. The snowball is moving faster downhill now. 

Second, they talk about you more. They grab the trust they have in you & hand it to a friend, a co-worker, or a family member. In effect, they say: “You trust me, & I trust them. Therefore, you can trust them.”  

Both create further opportunity to impact more people more deeply.

Both are more likely to happen when you recognize that trust is the ballgame, & that it’s possible to design a culture that prioritizes it over everything else.

TribePatrick Cummings