Make Meaning

People today pay for meaning more than they pray for it…[W]e have to accept that we’re providing venues for making meaning, and that we must therefore devise belief systems, worldview, and ideologies to enable that fundamental process.

Douglas Atkin, The Culting of Brands

“People like us do things like this,” is perhaps the most succinct encapsulation of what it means to build a thriving brand ever devised. (Read the short PDF by Seth Godin here. It’s more than worth the ten minutes it will take.)

People like us: An exclusive group; not like the others; unique but similar; select.

Things like this: Our secret; against the status-quo; what the others don’t see or won’t do.

Leaning into these two elements can be the difference between hosting a collection of people who belong to the same gym & having a tribe of people all chasing something more significant.

The first step is to recognize that your gym can be about far more than thrusters and pull-ups and barbells and kettlebells if you want it to be. The second step is to determine a vision of the world that doesn’t exist yet, one your gym aims to create. The third step is to look for every opportunity to talk about, pursue, and celebrate that vision.

TribePatrick Cummings