Think Like a Prospect Thinks

[Ego] can be an effective driving force in building a business. What hurts is injecting your ego in the marketing process. Brilliant marketers have the ability to think like a prospect thinks. They put themselves in the shoes of their customers. They don’t impose their own view of the world on the situation.

Jack Trout & Al Ries, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

I admire the aspiration of wanting to give your members "the best hour of their day" - of striving to do what you do so well that you upstage everything else.

But from a marketing perspective, it's misguided. It places what you want above what they want.

After all, it's fair to assume that most of your members want the best hour of their day to be time spent with family around a healthy dinner, or volunteering at the local food bank, or leading their team through a thorny problem at work.

These are the kinds of things the folks walking through your doors next month & next year will certainly want. They'll want to become better humans, not better CrossFitters.

To get their attention & earn their trust, you need to learn how to position your gym as a conduit, not a destination.

Perhaps a better aspiration would be wanting to give your members an hour that elevates the other twenty-three. Maybe you should be aiming to do what you do so well that you help them find the energy to show up in the world, the confidence to do difficult things, & the knowledge they need to make better decisions.

Less catchy, sure. But more empathetic & therefore more useful.

Patrick Cummings