Bigger Commitment

The more an employee feels that she has influence over the company’s values, the bigger commitment she’ll make to the company.

Chip Conley, Rebel Rules

If you want a coach to take greater ownership of her role in your gym, make her feel like an owner. You can do this without giving her actual equity by merely giving her a seat at the table when you make decisions.

Teach her to think like an owner, to differentiate the good ideas from the right ideas, to understand the value of reinvestment & your tolerance for risk. Sit with her & talk about the values at the heart of your gym. If you’ve never identified your core brand values, do that together.

Give her enough space to make mistakes, then talk about them. Tell her about all the mistakes you’ve made & what you learned from them.

We often want people to be more proactive & to take more ownership, but we forget that school teaches very few people how to do that. We forget that most of us are taught to be obedient & to wait until the teacher calls on us before we speak up.

We forget that that was us before we found ourselves in a position requiring we learn how to think differently - how to think, in fact, as an owner.

Patrick Cummings