Rarely Haphazard

An often-overlooked observation about those who use their minds to create valuable things is that they’re rarely haphazard in their work habits.

Cal Newport, Deep Work

A theory:

Reaching your gym’s longterm potential is inextricably linked to how well you optimize the design of your days.

Some questions to ask yourself in pursuit of this aim:

• Do your days begin & end at a consistent time?
• Do you know how much time you spend on a given task?
• Do you own your calendar, or do other people?
• Do you schedule time to retreat from the noise & think?
• Do you create the space necessary to learn new skills?

Like with most things, your days can be designed with intention.

Like with most things this important, they should be.

(PS, I just announced a new BrandingWOD Class I’d love for you to consider. We’ll be starting the class thinking about this kind of self-management, because it’s that important to building your brand.)

Patrick Cummings