Call Them To Action

Your customers are bombarded with more than three thousand commercial messages per day, and unless we are bold in our calls to action, we will be ignored. If our calls to action are soft, they will not be noticed.

Donald Miller, Building a Storybrand

Your website matters for three reasons:

First, because it serves to unify everything at the core of your brand - from the language you use, to the images you display, to the vision of the world you hope to create. 

Second, because it's the earliest opportunity within your control that you have to earn a little trust by answering their primary question: "Do I belong there?" 

Third, because your homepage is where you teach strangers what you need them to do once they're interested. It is where you articulate the very first step you need someone to take when she asks, "Okay, now what?"

Make your first step obvious, appropriate, & direct.

WebsitePatrick Cummings