The Many

We’ve been trained since birth to enforce the status quo. Our bias is to the many. To please the many. To sell to the many. To be organized to serve the many.

Seth Godin, We Are All Weird

Operating under the assumption that your gym is a place for anybody is an excellent way to hide, & perhaps the most common. It shields you from doing the difficult work of narrowing the focus of your service, your marketing, & your vision. It protects you from the voice in your head who likes to whisper, This might not work.

But it also prevents you from operating with the persistent empathy you need to design an effective on-ramp process, create a website that speaks the right language, & make decisions about opportunities worthy of investment.

When you believe your gym is for anybody, it only feels like you’re opening yourself up to the highest chance of success. But really what you’re doing is eliminating your ability to meet the right people where they are & position yourself as the precise solution to their specific problem.

The world isn’t what it used to be. We now have near-infinite choices, which means we now have the freedom to make ever-more personalized decisions. We now get to make our selections based on what we already believe to be true (about ourselves, about the world, about the way things should be).

Most people don’t believe what you need them to believe in order to consider your gym the right place for them. But enough people do.

Start with them. Talk to them. Build it for them.

TribePatrick Cummings