Adopt Them Back

[W]hen you find someone who is adopting your cause, adopt them back. When you find someone who is eager to talk about what you do, give him something to talk about. When you find someone who is itching to become a generous leader, give her the resources to lead.

→ Seth Godin, This is Marketing

Some of your members talk about you more than others. They're doing it on social; they're busy convincing friends; they're telling strangers at the grocery store about what's happening in your gym.

When somebody shows you that kind of love - when they're willing to put their reputation on the line to vouch for yours - it makes sense to pay them a bit more attention than the others.

Treat everyone well & fairly.

Just don't think that means you have to treat everyone equally.

Some of your people deserve more.

TribePatrick Cummings