Humanize Your Marketing

People are loyal to people, not necessarily brands. If you humanize your marketing, you’re on the road to creating customer evangelists.

Jackie Huba & Ben McConnell, Creating Customer Evangelists

It’s easy to forget that so much of the value you can leverage in your gym is wrapped up in your position as a role model, in your ability to remind your people of what it looks like when:

When we work hard. When we eat right. When we are consistent. When we prioritize health. When we embrace challenge. When we take risks. When we show vulnerability. When we build healthy habits. When we lead.

It’s easy to forget that everybody in your gym - from your members to your coaches - consider themselves somewhere further back on the road toward self-betterment. They see you out there, further ahead, charting the course.

This admiration is valuable. It pulls your people along, showing them what’s possible when they become more like you. It inspires trust, consistency, effort.

You can find places to leverage all this everywhere - from your website to the first conversations you have with a potential member to the yearly holiday party.

Tell your story. Remind people that you’ve been where they are. Talk about the struggles you know they’re facing by sharing how you got through the same ones.

It’s not bragging if you put yourself out front. Done with empathy, in fact, it’s an essential element to the branding of your gym.

ValuesPatrick Cummings