Winning Hearts

The heart represents the limbic, feeling part of the brain, and the mind is the rational, language center. Most companies are quite adept at winning minds; all that requires is a comparison of all the features and benefits. Winning hearts, however, takes more work.

Simon Sinek, Start With Why

Sometimes being right isn’t enough. Same goes for being the best.

That you’re either (or both) certainly helps, but they’re not guarantors of success in & of themselves.

That’s because, mostly, right & best are subjective.

The right solution (for some people). The best option (for some people).

It’s excellent that CrossFit is as effective as it is. It’s heartening that we’re on the side of good in any number of political & cultural fights. But don’t settle there.

Pick your people. Make your thing. Leave your mark.

The last part is almost entirely contingent on getting the first part right.

TribePatrick Cummings