Identifying An Enemy

Real or imaginary, identifying an enemy and dramatizing a threat will galvanize the community’s sense of separation, unity, and identity…[B]y defining the other, the cult [brand] defines itself.

Douglas Atkin, The Culting of Brands

The invisible enemy your gym is battling against is the status quo of a culture hooked on sugar, Netflix marathons, smartphones, & inadequate sleep.

The invisible enemy CrossFit HQ is at war with these days are the deep pockets & entrenched interests of industry & science who’d much rather they go away.

The former is a series of daily skirmishes. The latter is a war - one that won’t be won for years, if ever.

It used to feel like everyone was waging the same fight, like we were all moving the same direction, like the enemy of one was the enemy of the other.

If there’s a disconnect between the affiliate community & HQ these days, it’s likely in this redrawing of battle lines.

This is more of a communications problem than a values problem.

But it is a problem, nonetheless.

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