The Free Movement of Open Minds

Truth emerges not from opinions but from the free movement of open minds. Questioning causes us to view one another as resources.

Michael Marquardt, Leading with Questions

Effective leaders & entrepreneurs are those who have learned how to ask questions effectively. They’ve learned how to ask questions of themselves & of those they lead & serve. They’ve constructed a culture that embraces questions as a means of stress testing assumptions & warding off the excesses of individual ego.

They haven’t done this because it’s the altruistic thing to do (though it is) or because it makes everybody happy (it rarely does). They’ve done it because they appreciate that their job isn’t to have the right answers as much as it is to find the right answers. They’ve done it by recognizing that to be an effective leader, they must first be an explorer - of ideas, of problems, of opportunities, & of themselves.

Patrick Cummings