[All great leaders] exist to help the tribe find something, to enable the tribe to thrive. But they understand that the most powerful way to enable is to be statueworthy: by getting out front, by making a point, by challenging convention, and by speaking up. Those are brave acts, and bravery begets statues.

Seth Godin, Tribes

If you want your members to take their nutrition more seriously, it helps them to see that you take your nutrition seriously. If you want them to prioritize their sleep, it’s useful that they know how important sleep is to you. Same with doing regular mobility work, running the occasional 5k, & putting the dumbbells back where they go when you’re done with them.

Your job as a coach or affiliate owner is to exemplify the ethos of the gym. It’s to serve as a role model for those looking up to you for guidance. Your job doesn’t end when the class is over. It continues in conversation; it continues on your personal social media; it continues out in the community.

The job of the leader is to recognize that people are watching & to act in such a way that they are made better for having paid attention.

Patrick Cummings