More Knowledge

The more knowledge you share with the world, the more people will tell others about it.

Jackie Hubba & Ben McConnell, Creating Customer Evangelists

The likelihood is high that your members are, at least once a day, visiting the page or app where you post your workouts. They’re going to see what they’ll be up against, to publish their results, to digitally fist bump their buddies.

What an incredible opportunity to teach.

A challenge for you: For the next week, write 100-200 words per day to post alongside the day’s workout, but don’t make it about the movements.

Make it about sleep, or nutrition, or the correlation between relationships & health. Make it about one of your members, or about the challenges you faced before finding CVFMHI. Make it about your three favorite hiking spots within a 30-minute drive of the gym. (There, I just gave you six ideas. You’re on the hook for the last one.)

Your members are going to learn plenty about the workout when they’re in front of you. But when they’re not? Why not teach them about the principles of good nutrition, the value of a night-time routine, or the best places in town to enjoy all that fitness they’ve been accumulating?

You could hope they pick these things up from you in between classes & on the off-chance they saw your Instagram post yesterday.

Or you could recognize that you have what every marketer dreams of: A captive audience & enough trust to hold their attention long enough to teach them something.

Patrick Cummings