Sell Dreams

[S]ell dreams instead of products.

Jackie Hubba & Ben McConnell, Creating Customer Evangelists

The value you offer is not just in the programming of thrusters. It is also in the self-confidence one gets from having the strength to do thrusters at all.

The value you create is not just by way of the group setting. It is also in the self-esteem that comes from being a member of a community of like-minded people.

The value of your facility is not just in the barbells & pull-up rigs. It is also in the culture of accountability that your gym fosters.

You should definitely highlight the programming, the group classes, & your facility in your marketing. Just don't let the tangible crowd-out the intangible because they are easier to point to.

Sure it's hard to put a price tag on confidence, community, & accountability. But that doesn't mean it's not what folks are actually paying for every month.

Patrick Cummings