Members need to interact with each other, but more important, nonmembers need to interact with those already involved.

Douglas Atkin, The Culting of Brands

There's little doubt your current members will talk about you to friends, co-workers, & family. The more they appreciate you - an amount determined by some invisible algorithm that takes into account the relationships formed, the progress made, & the pride felt by their efforts - the more they'll talk.

That kind of passive word-of-mouth is essential.

But you can push for more. You can create situations that instigate conversations. You can be the source of new connections & a spark for new possibilities.

You'll just need to get outside the gym to do it.

What's stopping you from organizing a weekly hike up the local mountain & inviting your members to come & bring friends? What's stopping you from putting a team together for the adult softball league, or convincing a group of members to run your town's annual 5k?

If you want people to rejigger their perceptions of what CrossFit is or isn't, then you'll need to meet them where they are. You'll need to find a common language around shared struggles & aspirations. Most importantly, you'll need to show them that there are folks just like them who are in your gym every single day.

You could stay inside & hope the passive conversations yield something positive. They will, eventually. Probably.

You could also take action. You could recognize that there are plenty of people who need to buy into the ethos of your gym - an ethos about functionality, about physical activity, about the beauty of doing difficult things - before they're ever going to buy into thrusters & coaches & $150/month.

What better place to make your case than the environments in which they're showing you that they believe what you believe? Who better to show them than the people already eager & willing to talk about you?

Patrick Cummings