Wonder Why

Some marketers focus so hard on the fact of their offering that they forget to tell a story at all, and then wonder why they’ve failed.

Seth Godin, All Marketers are Liars Tell Stories

Good marketing stories have a bit of a formula:

I was struggling to _____ until I found _____, which helped me _____.


I used to believe _____, then I discovered _____ & now I believe _____.


I wanted to _____ so that I could _____, & _____ helped make it happen.

Some examples of how a few familiar brands might use these formulas to tell their stories:

I was struggling to stay healthy at work until I found Fuel for Fire, which helped me make better food decisions than I had been making.

I used to believe that working a corporate job was the best option for me, then I discovered CrossFit, Inc & now I believe I've got what it takes to open a gym & be an entrepreneur.

I wanted to send a signal that I'm not like all the other CrossFitters so that I could celebrate my uniqueness, & NOBULL helped make it happen.

The marketing stories you're telling don't have to be complicated. They have to be accurate, integrated into everything you do, & be about where you fit into the journey of those you seek to serve.

Patrick Cummings