The First & Most Crucial Decision

When you start something, the first and most crucial decision you make is whom to start it with.

Peter Thiel, Zero to One

It hasn’t been the norm, but the affiliates of the not-so-distant future would best set themselves up for success by filling these three founding roles long before their doors open:

The Operator: The one comfortable with the day-to-day of running a business, of selling, of customer service, of development, spreadsheets, & community outreach.

The Coach: The one who wakes up excited to teach the air squat, who wants to continue their own education on all things movement, motivation, & nutrition, who can build the relationships, who thrives in front of the group.

The Creative: The one who can shoot photos & video, tell stories, build & revise the website, create the graphics, figure out Mailchimp & Instagram & podcasting.

As the market matures & the available options continue to grow, it’s becoming less likely that a single person (or a few people with near-identical skills) will be enough to get the foothold necessary to make it to year two, five, & ten.

It might be time to consider whether starting a gym without a small team of aligned specialists is the smart move at this point.

Patrick Cummings