Mutual & Integral

Vulnerability is about sharing our feelings and our experiences with people who have earned the right to hear them. Being vulnerable and open is mutual and an integral part of the trust-building process.

Brene Brown, Daring Greatly

It may be the case that you’ve never had 60 pounds to lose. That you’ve never had your doctor tell you that if you didn’t do something different, & soon, you’d be looking at a life of prescription pills. That you’ve never been uncomfortable walking into a gym.

This is one of the biggest challenges of running an affiliate in 2019: Growth may very well depend on your ability to communicate effectively with folks who need CrossFit in ways fundamentally different than the ways you needed it when you first began.

Yes, it’s about learning to be more empathetic.

But it’s also about learning how to go first.

When somebody comes in for the first time, go first in telling her how focusing on your health & fitness has made your life fuller. Go first in telling him about the challenges you’ve had in staying focused on your own health when there’s so much to derail you from it. Go first in talking about the challenges you faced when you started, the problems you were looking to solve, & how spending a couple hours a week at the gym was enough to get you through them.

You don’t have to know what it’s like to carrying around an extra 60 pounds to know what it’s like to face tough times, to be scared about the future, to be nervous about starting something new.

You’re asking a lot of every single individual who chooses to sign up with you. You’re asking them to work hard, to show up consistently, to walk into a place designed almost entirely to expose their weaknesses. You’re asking them to be more vulnerable than perhaps any other place in the world.

The least you can do is go first.

Patrick Cummings