99 Percent

It’s a big world. You can loudly leave out 99 percent of it.

Derek Sivers, Anything You Want

CrossFit isn't for everybody, & neither is your gym.

CrossFit isn't for somebody who believes yoga is the best way to stay healthy. It's not for somebody sure barbells are dangerous. It's not for somebody who judges their fitness by the number of miles they've run this week.

Likewise, your gym isn't for anybody who thinks paying $150 or $200 a month for a membership is stupid. It isn't for anybody who considers working out alongside other people a special kind of hell. It isn't for anybody who wants to come in & use your lifting platforms whenever their schedule allows for it.

It doesn't matter what you believe. It matters what they believe. Better to focus on those who already believe what you need them to believe.

This doesn't mean that CrossFit & your gym can't be inclusive. It just means that before you get to be inclusive, you've first got to be exclusive.

Exclusive to those who are willing to do difficult things. Exclusive to those who want more than a Planet Fitness membership & to plug in a pair of earbuds. Exclusive to those willing to pay the price at which you've set your services.

Draw a line in the sand. Then focus on the select few who leap across it, overwhelming them with excellence every step of the way.

Patrick Cummings