Flawless First Drafts

Nobody creates flawless first drafts. And nobody creates better second drafts without the intervention of somebody else. Nobody.

Ryan Holiday, Perennial Seller

When you opened your gym, you had a vision in mind of what you were trying to build. Even if you knew it would take time to get there, you could see it from the very start.

I hope your current reality doesn’t look like that initial vision. I hope it’s changed, evolved, grown, morphed.

I hope so because, if it hasn’t, you’re probably not listening.

You’re not listening to your current members about what they need from you now. You’re not listening to the marketplace about what it’s looking for. You’re not listening to your own mistakes so you can uncover whatever hidden biases, assumptions, & blind spots might have caused them.

Anytime we start something new, our vision of what it will become is all hope & shine. It’s not until we put it out into the world, until the marketplace muddies it up with its own plan for what we’re offering that we can actually figure it out.

The key is not to be so stubborn that we don’t hear what we need to hear, that we’re not so in love with our initial vision that we can’t see all the ways we were wrong in the first place.

Patrick Cummings