Clarity about what matters provides clarity about what does not.

Cal Newport, Deep Work

Gaining clarity about the value of functional movements is what allowed you to disregard bicep curls & calf raises.

Gaining clarity about the benefits of eating real food is what allowed you to disregard the soda & pizza.

When you committed to these principles, you necessarily removed some degree of optionality. As Tim Ferriss would say, you made one decision that eliminated the need to make a thousand other decisions.

This practice is just as powerful for your business.

Gaining clarity about the marketing power of your current membership is what allows you to disregard anybody promising you a 30-members-in-30-days scheme.

Gaining clarity about the importance of your website is what allows you to disregard your disdain for technology to focus on improving it.

Gaining clarity about how to create sustainable fitness over many years is what allows you to disregard programming that has your members trying to max out their lifts every week.

Constraints are too often looked at as limitations, but they’re far better used to eliminate the many inappropriate ideas to make room for the select few valuable ones.

To paraphrase Jocko, constraints equal freedom.

Patrick Cummings