Adapt & Innovate

The creation of new technology is unending; marketers must continue to adapt and innovate to ride the waves of opportunity that new technologies bring.

Jackie Hubba & Ben McConnell, “Creating Customer Evangelists”

There are three kinds of technological opportunities worth considering taking advantage of as part of your overall marketing strategy:

The first are those that focus on leveraging technology to make outreach, attention, & sales increase. Things like Facebook ads, email marketing, Google Adwords, & an effective website all live here.

The second are those that make the experience inside your gym better. Things like an easy-to-use system that delivers your programming to members, an InBody machine, & a frictionless way to purchase something from your store without needing cash or to swipe a credit card first all fall into this category.

The third are those that make your life easier. Things like using the Later app to schedule & post to social media, a system like Calendly or Acuity to schedule one-on-one sessions as opposed to email, & a service like Grammarly to improve your written communications are just a few examples.

We live in a time of constant “technological advances,” & it can be tempting to turn off our attention to all the possibilities as a response to feeling overwhelmed.

But a gym that isn’t leveraging technology to improve is like an athlete who refuses to train the Olympic lifts because they’re hard to do & because they make you feel pretty foolish for a while. Don’t be scared to start just because you don’t know where to begin. Identify which of the three aims above you’re trying to solve for first. Focus on one at a time until you’ve made some progress.

Just like ignoring what we suck at in the gym ensures we put a cap on our overall fitness, ignoring where you can introduce the right amount of technology into your business ensures you unnecessarily hamper your ability to impact more people more deeply.

Patrick Cummings