How You Teach People You Are Better

How you present yourself has an enormous influence over whether you will be chosen or ignored. It’s how you teach people that you are better.

Ryan Holiday, Perennial Seller

If I were to place two photographs in front of you - one taken with the cell phone I used in 2007, one with the $2,000 camera I have now - would you be able to identify which one was “professional?”

Of course.

Would you be able to articulate what those differences were beyond the most noticeable attributes of each photograph?

If you’re not a photographer, probably not.

If you were to hire one of them to shoot your wedding next month, which would you choose?

It’s the same with your website.

The folks who visit it aren’t likely to be designers, but they do know professional from not. They can’t articulate the reasons why your website falls into the category it does, but they don’t need to. The feeling they get from it is all they need.

Does it look alive? Does it seem tended to? Does it feel like it was built by people I can trust?

Patrick Cummings