The Scariest Resource

As we build our businesses, we often work harder on the things that are replaceable (website, stock, logo, brand name, skills), believing that our advantage is in the tangible value we provide and can demonstrate…It turns out that trust [an intangible, irreplaceable asset] is the scarcest resource we have. If you want to build a truly great business, put your energy into the things that can’t be crossed off the list.

Bernadette Jiwa, Marketing: A Love Story

Scary is putting your energy, your efforts, your time into something you’ll never be able to measure.

Scary is dedicating yourself to something today that may not produce results for months, or years, or ever.

Scary is admitting that no amount of certifications, awards, or money will yield even a fraction of the results that trust will.

Scary is absolving yourself of the notion that you are in the fitness business & recognizing that you’re in the trust business. (It just so happens you sell thrusters & pull-ups.)

What changes when you do that?

Patrick Cummings