Watch, Read, Listen #005

Every Monday, I share three pieces of content I think are worthy of your time. There’s a lot of noise out there. Hopefully this helps cut through the clutter a bit.


TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie | Finding True Fans is Critical from Behind the Brand

In this short vid, Mycoskie answers the question of what metrics should a brand be measuring. His answer: Pay attention to the evangelists, count them, focus on them above all else. They’ll build the brand for you.


Apple used to offer only the best. Now it offers everything. from The Week

When you start to really think about branding, you start to see it everywhere. When I think about Apple, I definitely still think about my MacBook Pro, I think about my iPhone, I think about whether I need an Apple Watch (answer: not really). But I also think about its branding efforts.

One of the things Apple always did incredibly well was focus on simplicity at the expense of satisfying everybody. It didn’t create products for everybody, it created specific products for specific people. As it continues to pursue more (money) & more (customers), it’s moving away from that philosophy. This quick article provides some context to those changes.


Become Friends with Your Rivals from the WorkLife Podcast

This is a great podcast if you haven’t found it yet, from writer/organizational psychologist Adam Grant & TED. They’ve just begun their second season, & this episode in particularly felt relevant to me for gym owners. In it, Grant explores the value of working with our competitors & not against them.

Patrick Cummings