Advertising Disaster

[T]he average person cannot tolerate being told he or she is wrong. Mind-changing is the road to advertising disaster.

Jack Trout & Al Ries, Positioning

If somebody is convinced that barbells are unsafe, you probably shouldn’t spend too much energy trying to convince them otherwise. Same for those folks who aren’t comfortable working out in a class setting. Ditto for anybody hoping you can get them ready for beach season in a few months.

It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about how you’re dedicating your limited resources. You don’t have enough time or money to convince a stranger that they’re wrong.

So you’re left with two options:

Option 1: Change what you’re doing to align with the current belief of the folks you’re hoping to serve. Think there are 250 people nearby who would gladly sign up for CrossFit if you didn’t use barbells? Get rid of them & fill the gym with dumbbells, medballs, & kettlebells.

Option 2: Seek out the people who already believe what you believe, & overwhelm them with excellence.

Neither is wrong, & both begin with the recognition that it’s a lot more useful to meet people where they are than it is to convince them to change their minds.

Patrick Cummings