One Unrelenting Message

Basically, men live under the pressure of one unrelenting message: Do not be perceived as weak.

Brene Brown, Daring Greatly

You can tell people to leave their ego in the parking lot.

You can tell them to focus on progress, not placement.

You can tell them that there’s no shame in scaling workouts.

But you know that’s not enough, right?

You know they’re walking in with a lifetime of baggage; a lifetime of acting as if in an attempt to not be laughed at or seen as less than. You know we all wear our ego like a weight vest we rarely pull off.

You can tell them anything you want, as often as you want. It probably won’t be enough.

You have to show them, too. Do your coaches modify workouts to make sure their own movements don't get ugly? Do you only ever celebrate the heaviest lifts & the fastest times? Are the images on your homepage only of your competitors - ripped abs & all?

We’re all scared of being weak. Or, maybe more honest: We’re all scared of being seen as weak.

You don’t solve for that by hoping it doesn’t get in the way. You solve for it by confronting it head-on. You solve for it by recognizing that moving beyond that fear is perhaps the biggest lift any of your members will ever make.

Patrick Cummings