Watch, Read, Listen #001

Every Monday, I’ll be sharing three pieces of content I think are worthy of your time. There’s a lot of noise out there. Hopefully this helps cut through the clutter a bit.


The Best Way to Do Instagram Marketing by GaryVee

I see a lot of CrossFit gyms using all sorts of CrossFit-focused hashtags on Instagram, but not enough using location-based hashtags to get in front of the eyes of folks in their neighborhood. GaryVee’s $1.80 strategy is simple (time-consuming, but simple), & well worth experimenting with.


Why We Fell For Clean Eating by Bee Wilson

This is a longread from a few years back, but still worth your time. I can’t say I fully agree with the (rather click-baity) conclusion hinted at in the title, but it did make me think about the deep complexity brought on by being in the self-actualization business, as you are.


Running Your Gym Like a Private School on Chasing Excellence

This episode was a fun one, given that I’ve watched as Ben & the crew at CFNE have started to really think deeply about how they on-board new members. One thing I regret not prompting Ben to talk about was the fact that the gym has a coach, Morgan, who is an absolute stud. He single-handedly ushers new members into the community in a way I wish every gym could see, sometimes doing three or four one-on-one sessions a day to keep up with demand.

Patrick Cummings