It’s true that every great entrepreneur is first and foremost a designer.

Peter Thiel, Zero to One

Designers don’t just make decisions about colors, fonts, & photographs. Designers build things - experiences, memories, places worth talking about. Designers - good designers, anyway - create with intention & empathy.

What would you do differently if you thought your job was to design?

What would you do differently the first time somebody walked through your door? What would you do differently when they were three months in, or when they celebrated their fifth anniversary with you?

Design isn’t just about things (though, it’s about things too: sign-up forms, how you lay out the gym, what you put on the walls). Design is also about movement: The move from new to experienced; the move from unsure to confident; the move from being one of them to being one of us.

It starts with having a vision, then having a plan, then having the patience to try, learn, iterate, & try again. Nobody has ever designed something great without first designing something pretty terrible.

I asked Ben all about this on a recent episode of Chasing Excellence. If you’re interested in hearing about how he’s started to think like a designer, I highly recommend it.

Patrick Cummings