Why Are They Right?

Those people who don’t buy from you, the ones who don’t take your calls, who sneer at your innovations, who happily buy from a competitor even if they know you exist...those people...

Why are they right?

Why are the people who don’t choose you correct in their decision not to choose you?

Seth Godin, This is Marketing

Peleton - the at-home digital fitness start-up - is valued at over $4 billion. Their aim (to which it’s been reported nearly 200k people have liked enough to drop $2,000 on a bike) is to “use technology to bring group exercise — benefits and energy included — right to your home.” The co-founder, John Foley, has said this about the future Peleton is trying to build:

It’s called ‘fitness as a service.’ Everyone is going to pay $100 or $200 a month to have the best fitness equipment in their home. And whatever combination of devices you have, we’ll always be upgrading them. We’ll come in and swap out the latest bike or the latest treadmill or the latest something else to make sure you always have 10-out-of-10 equipment.

Assume for a minute that they’re going to continue to be successful in their pursuit. What does that teach you about your gym & the future you’re building?

You could decide to learn that convenience will always be important. You could decide to learn that people respond as well to entertainment as they do education. You could decide to learn that tech companies see what you're doing & will continue to want to disrupt it.

But it teaches you nothing if you write Peloton off entirely. If you write off the success they’ve had. If you write off the potential that those who place bets on potential for a living see.

You could decide to learn nothing.

That’s what Peloton hopes you do, certainly.

Patrick Cummings